Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pure Punishment

☆*´¨`☽¸.★*´♡ SALE!!! •☆*´¨`☽¸.★*´♡
Pure Punishment by TL Smith is on SALE!!!! 
Only .99 for 3 days only!!!
Romantic Suspense
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"I won't fuck you. You don't hold a candle to her. You taste sour, where she taste like my fucking salvation"
One, Two. 
Who to kill? 
Three, four. 
You better open your door. 
Five, six. 
Cut or nick?
Seven, eight. 
Don’t party too late. 
Nine, ten. 
Watch your gate.

My name is Kayla. Would you like to play a game with me? I promise to only make you bleed and possibly scream.
Are you ready for some fun?


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