Friday, October 17, 2014

Raine Forester was an average girl leading an average life. She slipped beneath everyone's radar, until Camron Moss, the most popular guy in school, took interest in her and changed everything.
Some acts are unforgivable.
Raine thought she'd been accepted. She thought she was one of them. She thought she was in love... until one moment made her realize she'd trusted the wrong person. Lies are told, hearts get broken, secrets are revealed, and sometimes, true love is found in the least likely places.
This is such a beautiful story, and a must read!!!
Raine is a shy girl who doesn't fit in with the popular crowd unlike her very first boyfriend Camron. Camron tells Raine his "plans" on prom night, and they end up at his brothers house for a huge party. Camron leaves Raine, and after she gets beaten down by the cheerleaders harsh comments, she runs up stairs to hide. For her to get away and calm down with some peace is what she needs until Camron is ready to go but she stumbles upon Camron's older brother Jarret, the black sheep of the family. Jarret is highly ticked off that one of Camron's friends broke his one rule... not to go upstairs.
Later that night Camron is drunk and Raine drives him home, Camron takes her upstairs and the unthinkable happens. Camron doesn't take no for an answer, he takes everything from her, then takes her home and drops her off.
Raine doesn't hear from him again, but she has to tell him that they will be having a child. The problem is Camron's family is so wealthy and makes her feel worthless. They see a mistake, and the only option in their eyes are adoption or abortion. Raine doesn't want this and after her own parents kicked her out this was the last thing she needed.
Raine eventually finds a place to live, it's what she can afford on her salary. She's doing it all on her own. She's happy and things are going good. Then she runs into Jarret. Jarret can't seem to get her out of his head since the first day he saw her when she sneaked upstairs. He notices her baby bump, and realizes when he takes her home that she can't live in a place like that. He takes her home and forces her to become his roommate.
Raine doesn't mind though because she likes the friendship they have now. Things do start to get rough when Jarret realizes his feelings for her are way more than friendly, and this might be bad since she is carrying his brother's baby.
Will these to find love with each other? Will Camron & Jarret's family ever accept her, and this baby as one of their own, or will Raine be left again to do it all on her own?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Something Like Redemption (Book #2) Synopsis

Some secrets are best left untold...

Mia Lee escaped to the sleepy little town of South Boston, Virginia with the intent to be normal, and to find a place she could call home.
Sadly for Mia, ...her past has come back with a vengeance, and forced her to flee yet again.
This time, however, she’s not alone…
Mia and Quinn are on the run, fleeing for their lives, while attempting to prove their innocence for a crime they did not commit.
But with a tainted past like Mia’s, it was inevitable that one day, it was going to catch up to her in a way she never fathomed.
One ill-fated decision leads to an explosion of unimaginable events, and now Mia and Quinn are not only running for their lives, but also, for their redemption.
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