Friday, February 6, 2015


by Alana Albertson
Se7en Deadly SEALs #2
Publication Date: 2015...
Genres: Contemporary, Novella, Romance, Serial


Se7en Deadly Navy SEALs—our loyalty to each other knows no bounds.

6ix months since I slammed the door on my ex Mia.

5ive years I’ve known my best friend, JoaquĆ­n, now wasting away in jail.

4our days since this stripper named Ksenya entered my life.

Thre3 ways Ksenya reminds me of Mia: her lips, her scent, her smile.

Two years since Mia left me during my darkest hour.

One naked bombshell asleep in my bed trying to trick me.

Zer0 doubt in my mind that I’m wrong .

She wants to get wild? I will fulfill her every fantasy. I control the game now, not her. It will end when I say it ends.

I’m a Navy SEAL, and I will be the last one standing.


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